Decide where you want to go or just have an idea of the type of vacation you'd like to have, then click below to purchase a personalized itinerary of recommendations, tips, and suggestions based on your specific interests & needs. Be sure to include the city in your message.


30 min phone consultation

Where to stay (pros & cons on different parts of the city)

Hotel vs Airbnb (notes on price and ease of use) 

What to see (tourist and off the beaten path attractions based on your interests)

Things to do (for the active and more lax travelers based on your interests)

Best places to eat (special and budget meals based on your dining preferences)

Special events happening during your trip

Practical ​resources (transportation, visas, safety)

Email support during your trip


Price includes research for single city. Trips with multiple locations will incur additional costs, but will receive a multi-city package discount. Contact for more information.

Customized itineraries to be delivered five business days from receipt of payment.


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